In the name of full disclosure, I don’t know the meaning of blog (noun or verb). Is it an article? Is it a dear diary situation? Without delving too deeply, it looks to be one more opportunity for me to run my mouth, and if that’s the case, I’m in.

A few weekends back, a friend informed me that he had figured out my spirit animal, and it’s a squirrel. That’s right. Squirrel. AKA—The Woodland Spaz. I think this was the friend’s way of shining a light on the fact that I have one or two spastic tendencies. Granted, while some might find them entertaining, they really add nothing to this blog. However, the spirit animal idea is intriguing. At fifty-one years old, with my first book due out in December, it’s high time I nail this piece down.

I understand the best way, or at least one way, to identify your spirit animal is to clear your mind, close your eyes, and let an animal into your subconscious. The first one to pop up is your guy. I did this and got the radiology department (because I need to schedule a mammogram), a can of black beans (because I’m making Weight Watcher chili for dinner tonight), and dragon wing begonias (which I planted in pots yesterday). Based on this disappointing collection of non-animals, a top priority for my spirit critter is clearly to help me achieve the stillness of a meditative state. 

Eventually, after I warmed up my coffee and took a bathroom break, I let life settle to the point where an animal appeared—a barn owl. With all due respect to barns and their owls, I strongly disagree. True, I once had an encounter with an owl that was so profound it will probably make the highlight reel the moment when my life flashes before my eyes. I was in Florida. I had recently bought my first house, a little cinderblock bungalow that epitomized everything about the word “home.” It was dark outside, but the moon was bright. What I was doing in the front yard in the dark escapes me at this point. Standing there, a heavy shadow swooped from a telephone pole and passed three feet above my head. He displaced the air around me in the most unexpected way, and I just stood there, tingling, unable to break the spell.

Regardless of that one time, my true spirit animal is surely the bat. There are so many reasons. 1) Bats live communally, and I appreciate communal living. 2) Bats put a high priority on bodies of water, as do I. 3) We both love twilight. 4) Bats make the world a better place yet are still misunderstood (same same). 5) Like me, bats have a connection to Halloween. 6) Bats are punctual, something I find appealing. And 7) At some point in the bat day, there’s a spinning cyclone (for them it’s when they exit the cave; mine is more of an internal thing). 

So my question is this. Do I stick with the barn owl? Do I bump the owl in favor of the bat? Or do I let the owl and the bat job-share my spirit animal position?

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