Lily Barlow 2

Coming soon – March 31. 2020

What is amateur sleuth Lily Barlow up to now? For starters, those clues she gathered about the suspicious activities of her landlady, Miss Delphine, are not exactly what a cop would call hard evidence. Still, Lily is determined to figure out what that ol’ gal is hiding. And then there’s Jack Turner, her best friend who suddenly decided that he and Lily should start dating. She seems to be failing miserably in her efforts to put the brakes on that bombshell, but does she even want to?
At least she can (and does) take credit for figuring out that an acquaintance from a year ago was not the victim of a murder.

Now more than ever, she’s bent on uncovering the identity of the woman with the purple flower tattoo whose decapitated body was discovered in a Florida swamp. To find the answer and get some closure, Lily and her friend, Storie Sanders, pursue a lead that takes them down to Key West where the romance simmers and the plot thickens.


Lily Barlow

The Mystery of Jane Dough

Quirky Lily Barlow is a college student who identifies with the fictional bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum. Her lifelong goal is to escape the sleepy hometown of Marshall, VA. The plan is unfolding nicely until her dad has a heart attack, forcing Lily home to resuscitate the family bakery.

Lily thinks she can quickly hire a manager and get back down to the University of Virginia. Pronto. To underscore her intention, she rents a garage efficiency from Miss Delphine Walker, a stubborn and independent old woman with a dog named Velcro. Is it just Lily’s wild imagination, or has Miss Delphine killed someone and buried the body out back?

While wallowing in self-pity, Lily inadvertently discovers an online clearing house for victims the cops can’t identify. Her objective to return to school is further waylaid by the fact that she thinks she recognizes a victim on the website. Oh, and Jack Turner, her best friend since kindergarten, reveals out of nowhere he wants something more…